Htc stock buy or sell

Htc stock buy or sell

Author: Jazy Date of post: 22.05.2017

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htc stock buy or sell

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Investing in stocks - how to find the best time to buy or sell

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Where to buy HTC Stocks? (TAIEX)

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Since then stock price has increased by For me that's a gain of approximately USD so that means I got myself a Vive theoretically with that investment: But the ride is not over, the next years will be interesting! I wanted to invest myself, but not having all that much cash makes it somewhat harder. Most of the places around here have minimal investments or pretty awful maintanance cost. It's kinda ridiculous you can't just invest couple hundred easily Out of curiosity, how did you go about buying HTC in the US?

I was trying to figure this out a few months ago, but kept running around in circles learning about pink sheets and grey markets. How many shares did you buy to get a gain of that much? If you want to see the fall of a giant, look at htc's share price five years ago compared to now. Pretty brave if you dare to put in a PAID preorder at such a company: P Unless you think What is it with these trolls using that very impressive "15, units sold in ten minutes" figure to try to spin it like only 15, units were sold?

About to RES ban this shitlord. If 5 million Vives were sold this guy would still say HTC will go bankrupt and its a terrible product that no one actually wants. Obviously trolls like this have zero idea how business works.

Even if HTC went down their successful parts of their business wouldn't go down with it. They would get sold off or spun off into separate parts. There's a chance it could even be good for the Vive.

I used many real argument but yeah it's so easy to just call it bashing. Never saw a community so allergic to criticism, kind of funny actually. There are many, many users who critique from both sides and receive upvotes as they are contributing to the discussion in a meaningful way.

Every argument against Vive or HTC is instantly and massively downvoted. This will lead to so many disappointments as people here are having way too high expectations and are blind for the flaws of the Vive. They think all fat gamers will magically turn into crouching jumping running gaming athletes. At first I tried discussing about it but nowadays I just think you all deserve it.

HTC never created anything great and it isn't happening now. Ok, so either you're saying all gamers are fat do room scale is pointless, or some gamers are fat so room scale is pointless.

Either case is ridiculous. And by the way, if room scale was pointless why is Oculus going to support it as well? At this point it's an overall advantage to the Vive, whether you personally want room scale or not is another question. Again, purely personal preference that you're presenting as fact.

HTC as a company is in trouble, but this hardware will function on SteamVR long after HTC is dead and buried, if that happens. When hardware giants go up in smoke they and their products don't just cease to exist.

They will be sold off to others, whole or in pieces. At this point it's purely speculation on what that would bring. If it's a big enough issue to you not to buy their product, that's fine, but again it's purely a personal standpoint and in the big picture doesn't really matter all that much for the current offering. Last point on this, HTCs previous flag ship phones were always received quite well, so it's very misleading to state that they've never created anything great as a fact.

Hopefully I've fed you enough to sustain you on your misinformation quest through the VR subs. Farewell and good luck. You comment to my last post only.

My critique has been downvoted since the very beginning. And so is everyone else's. But of course that is because all critique is 'nonense'. The Vive is perfect and so is HTC. As I've already said, it's the way you present yourself.

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You present your opinions as correct, with no room for discussion. I've skimmed your post history, more even-tempered posts are either neutral karma or upvoted. Heavily downvoted posts are ones where you are twisting information to your own view and presenting personal opinions or anecdotal evidence as facts. You come off as a know-it-all, and no one likes having a discussion with a know-it-all. You've already completely dismissed everything I've said trying to have a reasonable discussion with you because you've convinced yourself that anyone disagreeing with you is a Vive fanboy downvoting out of blind devotion to HTC and Valve.

Vive and HTC and Steam and Valve are not perfect, and you are fooling yourself if you believe that Oculus and Oculus Store and Rift and Facebook are. There are downsides to each.

However, coming to a sub dedicated to a niche piece of bleeding consumer edge tech and claiming that the hardware company is going to go bankrupt as you have been claiming for weeks and possibly months is obviously going to be met with hostility. It will be downvoted when that is what you fill every post with, because it's not adding to the discussion. Guys hold your horses. HTC is in deep trouble in their main business and small VR division won't change multiple problems with the company.

htc stock buy or sell

It is a very risky investment at the moment and VR is simply too small to change this in a big way if their smartphone division is falling every quarter and the financials are looking really bad.

TLDR It is really risky because company is in multiple problems and financial situation is too bad to rely on small product that Vive is compared with smartphone division. VR is HTC's Hail Mary pass. Day 1 preorder sales were strong enough to lure investors back in despite the shaky ground. Any less than stellar pre-order news will result in people selling off and the price will plunge. Today was a good day from Asia to USA markets are deep in Green and HTC is riding the tide mostly.

As well as the rumors of them splitting of the VR division of HTC into a separate company spells some interesting things for those investing.

I don't understand how stock trading works, so can someone tell me how much you would have had to invest for how long for that to actually work? I read there's fees involved, and think there might be other obstacles so you can't just buy stocks now and sell a few hours later to make profit, right? It's called day trading. And how much you make requires simple math usually. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Noire could be getting a remaster with first-person and VR support. Westcoast ties up exclusive deal for HTC Vive VR platform in UK; Vive Senior Product Manager says sales are starting to pick up. Last night's SteamVR Home update added models for Valve's "Knuckles" controller prototype.

For you CSGO and Pavlov nuts out there I present to you my Mirage Workshop map! Steve Bowler Dev of Island This is an archived post. You won't be able to vote or comment. You must have bought right near the all time low. Why are you even on this sub? Steam will do the software part.

Even when HTC dies, steamvr still excists. Don't you have better things to do? Or are you actually just a shill? All you do is fanboy level trolling at best, or paid canvassing at worst.

Just look at this post. What is the difference between HTCCY, HTCKF, and HTCXF? That makes it sound much easier than I thought. Posts are automatically archived after 6 months.

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